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Greenhouse 2.0

Here is a tour of our new DIY PVC greenhouse. It’s 12′ x 24′ and 10′ tall  

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Hive inspection

These are 2 walk-away-splits I did about 6 weeks ago. So far its looking good! Sorry about the sound…new camera…

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Banner Day

Today is a banner day for us. We paid off the mortgage, the house is ours…YEA I also received my…

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My Rainwater Collection

My Rainwater Collection. Last year started with 4 55 gallon barrels. Most of the YouTube videos and pictures I saw…

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Broody Chickens

Broody Chickens One of our hens has been sitting on her eggs for some time. This morning when I went…

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John Deere FEL

This is my John Deere FEL. Of course, the tractor is JD. Tthe bucket is from Johnny Bucket The tractor…