My Rainwater Collection

My Rainwater Collection.
Last year started with 4 55 gallon barrels.

Most of the YouTube videos and pictures I saw had them hard plumbed with PVC pipe. One of  the problems with using PVC I couldn’t get into the inside to seal a fitting. I tried several different types of adhesive and the only thing I found that worked was 100% silicone sealant. I just smeared it around the connector and then screwed it in. I wanted a little bit more flexibility so I used 2 washing machine hoses for each barrel. The washing machine hoses I got from a rehab store or $2 or $3 a piece.


Each barrel has two hoses so they are plumbed together. The last 2 barrels are plumbed for the “out” hose. This gave me the flexibility I was looking for. I can take one barrel out of circulation without losing all of my water. Adding new barrels is just a matter of connecting 2 more washing machine hoses up… easy pezzy. Overall this worked pretty well and I got some good gravity feed flow, but I was tired of filling buckets.


This weekend I put my solar water pump. And I love it!
The pump does exactly what I want and it has an auto shut off so I don’t have to worry about it.



Here is the controller. I mounted the controller and pump is small plastic boxes




Here’s the water pump.
So far it’s working like a champ.
This set up was a proof of concept now I will have to go back and clean it all up all of the wires in etc.


The inline filter.




Here is the connector i used.




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